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Taking the frustration out of your documentation needs


Are you technologically hopeless?
Do you still get confused between feeding the mouse and clicking your cat?
Are your user manuals and instructions written in a second language yet indecipherable by man?
Are you looking for someone to design, format, edit, or write your documents?

I bring to you 20 years of experience in technical, medical, scientific, and business writing; my skills could be just what you need. I take the technological jargon of your source documents and craft it into text suitable for the defined target audience (for example, end-users, decision-makers, and service personel).

Just a few of my services are listed below:

  • Develop award winning online Help for any software
  • Design and write manuals your customers will use
  • Create robust MS Word templates that hold the formatting
  • Edit and format submissions for peer review publications and responses to reviewers
  • Edit documents for authors with English as a second language
  • Design and edit professional PowerPoint presentations
  • Create process maps for business and internal processes/procedures
  • Provide documentation consulting services
Find out about the services I offer.
You can also review my online portfolio and read some testimonials about my work.

Last Site Update: 27 February 2013


On Sunday, January 13, I gave a presentation about work I do at Rambam Health Care Campus and shared more about the importance of this hospital for Northern Israel.
I have just been advised that the Help I designed for one of my clients has received an award of Distinguished in the West Michigan Shores - Society for Technical Community Summit Awards competition.

I am now working full time as the English Editor for Rambam Hospital, Haifa, Israel.

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