Taking the frustration out of your documentation needs…

Are you technologically hopeless?
Do you still get confused between feeding the mouse and clicking your cat?
Are your user manuals and instructions written in a second language yet indecipherable by man?
Are you looking for someone to design, format, edit, or write your documents?


I bring to you 20 years of experience in technical, medical, scientific, and business writing; my skills could be just what you need. I take the technological jargon of your source documents and craft it into text suitable for the defined target audience (for example, end-users, decision-makers, and service personel).

Just a few of my services are listed below:

  • Develop award winning online Help for any software
  • Design and write manuals your customers will use
  • Create robust MS Word templates that hold the formatting
  • Edit and format submissions for peer review publications and responses to reviewers
  • Edit documents for authors with English as a second language
  • Design and edit professional PowerPoint presentations
  • Create process maps for business and internal processes/procedures
  • Provide documentation consulting services

How I Became a TC

OK, first things first: TC does not mean tech challenged (you are the one that’s tech challenged <grin>) TC is the abbreviation for Technical Communicator I moved to Israel to live in 1983. I had started out as a nurse, but found the differences between nursing in Israel and the US too difficult to adjust …

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For the Love of Writing

I love to write. I’ve always loved to write. I suppose you could call me a frustrated creative writer. How did I become a technical writer? That is for another page… what IS a technical writer is the real question. A technical writer is what many prefer to call my profession, although I prefer the …

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