My name is Deborah Hemstreet. I bring to you over 25 years of international experience in technical writing. I have handled everything from conference proceedings and camera ready publications to documenation of medical devices (including user manuals, and regulatory and quality documentation).

My background and life experience all contribute to the skill with which I handle a documentation project.

In 1976 I graduated from the Southeastern Ohio School of Practical Nursing and passed my State Boards with the highest score in Ohio for that testing period. As I nurse I worked in a variety of capacities: critical care, home nursing, geriatric nursing, and serving as a fill in on a variety of units for different hospitals in Columbus, Ohio. Once I completed my studies, I took an advanced pharmaceuticals course for LPNs, which enabled me to administer all but intravenous medications. The plan was to go on for my RN, but that was not to be.

In 1982 I went to Israel on a volunteer program and worked as a visiting nurse and clinic nurse through Kupat Holim Clallit in Tiberias. That was an amazing time learning new nursing skills, as well as Hebrew and a adjusting to a new culture. After several months, I was certain about my love for Israel and made Aliyah (immigrated to Israel). I accepted a job on the internal medicine unit at Rambam Hospital in 1983.

There were cultural differences in how nursing was practiced in Israel, and these were hard for me to adjust to. In addition, my mother became quite ill, so in 1984 I left my position at Rambam and returned to the US to help my mother. I was there for 6 months, during which time I retrained via Manpower to work as a typist. Upon returning to Israel, this training unleashed a new professional passion, technical writing.

In 1986 I began working at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology with the official job title of “English Typist,” but I did far more than that. Working with the head of the department of Biomedical Engineering, Professor Samuel Sideman, I became the person responsible for compiling, editing, formatting, and putting together the camera ready layout for the proceedings for the prestigious Henry Goldberg Workshops. And at that time, most of the work was done by hand! I also developed the first website for the department which was used for many years after I moved on. Working in HTML before there were HTML editors was just plain fun!

But I still wanted to learn and pursued my BA in education via distance learning.

A student at the Technion, Shlomo Ben-Haim, recruited me to become the technical writer for his company, Biosense. The rest is history. I worked with Biosense through the entire transition from start-up to its reknowned status as Biosense Webster (Israel), Ltd., a J&J Company. During this time I completed my MA in Technical Authorship, and became active in the Israel Chapter of the Society for Technical Communication.

In 2007 I moved to the US with my husband, and began working as a private contractor. With my husband’s death in 2010, I realized that the US didn’t feel like home, and so returned to the land where I had lived from 1982-2007 – Israel.

Today I am the English Editor for Rambam Hospital, reporting to the director of the hospital, Professor Rafael Beyar. Things have come full circle. I am back at Rambam (as I was when I first made Aliyah), and I had worked with Professor Beyar when he was Assoc. Prof. at the Technion!

Of course this is merely a professional summary of my life… what I’ve done certainly does not define who I am, and this does not come close to describing all that I’ve done or experienced over the years. But this background is enough to help you decide if I am the person you need for handling a small project, or providing consultation for your documentation needs. As always, feel free to contact me:  DvoraH @ tech-challenged dot com


Most of my portfolio items are rather heavy, and would take a long time to upload for display. If you would like to view my portfolio items, they can be opened or downloaded by clicking the links below. [ Award Winning Help | Script/News/Journal | IFUs/Manuals | Complex Forms/Templates | Graphics |Presentations ]   Award …

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Following are just a few of the comments I’ve received about my work over the years. Some have been left on websites (LinkedIn and ODesk (now upwork)), while others are extracted from copies of letters of recommendation sent to me as a courtesy. Many congrats. Always good to see good work getting rewarded. I have …

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