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Most of my portfolio items are rather heavy, and would take a long time to upload for display. If you would like to view my portfolio items, they can be opened or downloaded by clicking the links below.

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Award Winning Help

Online Help for Accordance Bible Software (V9)
This WebHelp project received two awards. The first was Distinguished Technical Communication in a Society for Technical Communication (STC) chapter competition, which qualified the entry for the International Summit competition. The entry received Excellence in Technical Communication. The Help was developed on a PC for successful deployment in a Mac application.

Online Help for the CARTO XP System (V6)
This compiled HTML Help was awarded Excellence in Technical Communication from the Society for Technical Communication (STC) Israel Technical Publications Competition in 1999. Help tool: RoboHelp. Distribution: On CDs and with software on a dedicated PC. This is a zipped file which should be downloaded and unzipped for viewing on your computer.

PGAS PhotoTagger Help
The Help was created using a tool that was new to me. There were numerous challenges in developing the Help, since the client wanted a few bells and whistles that were not native to this application. I was able to find ways to give the client what they wanted by researching and using advanced HTML options. I was responsible for the design, content, and all graphics (except the company logo) used in the Help. I have since developed another Help application for this client. This online Help was awarded Merit in Technical Communication from the STC West Michigan Chapter Technical Publications Competition for 2009. Help Tool: HelpScribble. Distribution: Internet.



Rambam Health Care Campus: About Us Movie
I worked closely with the Marketing group to develop the script for the hospital’s new “About Us” movie. I also selected the narrator’s voice and assisted with the recording to assure all was as needed.

News Article: Where Every Second Counts
I was asked to attend a scientific meeting and write an article that summarized the event.

Rambam Maimonides Medical Journal: Design and Editorial Flow
As Editorial Assistant, I help the Editor-in-Chief with the process flow of manuscripts from receipt through to publication, including redoing graphics and formatting of all manuscripts.


Instructions for Use / Manuals / Help

Pre-Clinical Instructions for Use (IFU)
The client, based in Israel, needed this for a regulatory submission. All graphics were created from pictures downloaded from their website; the person requesting the work could not provide me with the original photos necessary for high-quality graphics. My goal in developing this IFU was to give my client something as readable and useable as possible, and not to merely comply with regulatory requirements.

Excerpts from a Medical Device User Manual
This is a PDF with excerpts from the CARTO XP System user manual. I was responsible for the design, content, and graphics in the manual. In addition, I managed the entire documentation project including service and support documentation, assisting the regulatory group with submissions and verifying compliance of content with requirements, and managing the translation process. To that end I was required to collaborate with cross-disciplinary teams and colleagues in offices world-wide.

Employee Work Instructions for a Complex Form
This PDF provides complete work instructions for a form that was created for a sales group at Kaydon Bearings. Since few employees were familiar with how macros are used and I was not a permanent employee, I was asked to include instructions on how to update the macros in the template. The template was well-received by the employees and remains in use to date.

Online Help for a MAC Software Application

This Help project was created on a PC in Flare V7, for deployment on a Macintosh Computer. It serves as an alternative to MAC Help which does not provide a full table of contents or index. This Help provides many additional features. In addition,a similar version of this Help is available for the same software, when deployed on a MAC Emulator for PCs.



Logo for a Software Module
Biosenese Webster (Israel) develped a software module which they termed “CFAE” for Complex Fractionated Atrial Electrograms”. Physicians prounounce this “Cafe”. I was asked to create a logo and button to add to the Splash Screen which the marketing department had provided for our standard software. The logo was later transferred to Marketing and used for several promotional materials for employees and physicians (shirts, mugs, gift items, etc.)

Please refer to the graphics in my other portfolio items for more samples of how I work with photos, Clipart, screen captures, and flow charts.


Complex Forms and Templates

Sample Complex Form (MS Word Template)
This form was created to meet a specific company need.

Sample complex form (MS Excel)
The purpose of this form was for trained professionals to assign permissions and user groups to each employee in their facility. The client gave it to me with the following comment, “No one knows how to complete it, even after training, and IT is not getting the information they need.” The original form consisted of blank fields that were completed, mostly manually. When the revised form was tested, the user response was quite positive. They were able to complete the form out immediately, based on what they had learned previously. The IT group was also pleased and advised that now they could easily access the required information.



Invited Presentation for a University on Technical Communication
I was asked to give a presentation to university students on technical communication outside of the US. I prepared and design this presentation. In this case, a standard PPT template was good enough for my needs.

Invited Presentation on Translation Issues
I was asked to give this presentation at an international meeting in Barcelona. The design was created based on materials provided to me by the Marketing Department. I modified the slides for readability, and was responsible for the entire presentation, though I did collaborate with a colleague for some of the content.

Presentation to a National Technical Communication Conference
Although this presentation starts from a standard PPT template, it was modified so that the background changed color from black and white to color, depending on the content. The goal was a subliminal message: black and white for the less interesting but foundational information; color for the meat of the presentation.

Sample of My Presentation Skills via a Podcost Interview
Tom Johnson of I’d Rather Be Writing interviewed me on the results of my MA research into the personality characteristics of technical writers. This presentation lets you meet me as a professional, and see how I can present – without visuals.