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Following are just a few of the comments I’ve received about my work over the years. Some have been left on websites (LinkedIn and ODesk (now upwork)), while others are extracted from copies of letters of recommendation sent to me as a courtesy.

Many congrats. Always good to see good work getting rewarded. I have a well-established history of referring users to just how useful and well-done the in-app Help system is, and encouraging them to use it… I think not enough Accordance users realize the treasure trove of tutorials and reference material available in the Help files. Every Accordance User should do themselves a huge favor and click on Help/Accordance Help. It really is worth setting aside the time to work through selected areas of interest in those helps.
Joe Weaks, Accordance Bible Software User,
Accordance Forums, March 2012

Deborah did an outstanding job in develoing a user’s guide for some proprietary software Microfabrica developed. She quickly came up to speed on using it, understood how best to present information to user’s, made excellent suggestions, and overall, created a very professional product.

Adam Cohen, EVP Technology and CTO, Microfabrica Inc.
January 2010

Debbie was great to work with. She produeced a high-quality deliverable in a timely fasion. She was flexible with our demanding team and showed a commitment to doing the right thing for the project even when it meant perhaps fewer hours for her. We appreciated her knowledge and the guidance she provided in how to produce a good help manual. We would highly recommend her.

Matt Stone, VP Product Architect, Integral7
September 2009

Deborah has worked with me for 8 months. During the 8 months she did an excellent job working through our documentation project. She is detail oriented and very proficient hat what she does. Deborah is very knowledgeable in network navigation, Microsoft word along with other documentation software. Deborah also took the initiative to promote her own ideas to help direct us into a very strong / robust documentation framework. If I had my choice I would rehire Deborah.
Rich Panozzo, Kaydon Bearings
October 24, 2008

I was privileged to work with Debbie for many years and I can testify Debbie is a very kind and honest person as well as an outstanding technical communication specialist! Being a perfectionist Debbie handles any task, small or big, with the same highly professional standards. Her in-depth updated knowledge of modern technical communication never ceased to amaze me. Furthermore her unparalleled ability to communicate in a comprehensible manner how our very complex novel products should be correctly operated is an extraordinary accomplishment. Debbie’s extensive medical background and her intuitive perception of what the physicians really need to know enable her to deliver top quality useful end products that are simply to be envied. Debbie’s fantastically written manuals, sophisticated help menus and beautiful presentations have assisted Biosense Webster significantly in truly revolutionizing the way by which therapeutic cardiac electrophysiology and guided interventional cardiology are being practiced worldwide. It is no wonder her work has become a highly regarded benchmark not only within Johnson and Johnson but also in the whole competitive medical devices industry.

Yitzhack Schwartz, WW Director of Intellectual Property, Biosense Webster Inc.
November 13, 2007

Deborah joined my team and took on some tough technical communication issues being experienced by our client. Deborah possess keen insight and a straight-forward style that pushes past personality differences and she quickly got the assignment under control. Not only did she more than complete her assignment, but also she completed the assignment ahead of schedule and thus saved our client project expense!

David Bruce, EVP & Search Consultant, MRI of Salt Lake City
April 25, 2008

I believe that one of Debbie’s greatest talents is her ability to teach… Debbie taught all new employees about the do’s and don’ts of correct company documentation. On a larger scale, she lectured at STC overseas conventions on one or two occasions, and personally, I had the pleasure of attending lectures given by Debbie during her term as President of the Israeli Chapter of the Society of Technical Communicators (STC). Her presentations were always technically correct and attention-grabbing, and her lectures were always humorous, educational, effective and well-received. … Scrupulously honest, dedicated and talented, I believe that Debbie will always be an invaluable asset for any company or Institution.

Helen Izek, Legal & Corporate Compliance, Biosense Webster (Israel), Ltd.