Aug 23

English Editor: Rambam Hospital

As of August 14, 2011, I returned to Israel and am now working full time as the English Editor for several of their more critical public communications, including the new online Rambam Journal, the English website, and developing and editing documents for the R&D group.

This marks a huge change in my career. I continue to accept small projects that can be completed from home. I am also able to provide you with tips for finding a full-time writer if you need someone with skills similar to mine, but on a more committed basis.

Since relocating to Israel, I am no longer writing as the Grand Rapids Examiner on Technical Communication. But I do hope to start writing again for other venues. Stay posted!

Finally, I’ve removed Guay’s blog. For those who are interested, my cat has found a good home in Michigan where he can enjoy heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer, and no longer face the terrors of travel and the occasional missile blast.

I hope you enjoyed his blog… maybe sometime I’ll turn it into something more fun for others to enjoy.

Thanks for keeping up with me!