My services cover three areas: Documentation development; documentation consulting, and tools development and training.

Documentation Development

Write or edit documents that meet your needs

  • Edit theses or research papers
  • Prepare documents for publication in peer review journals
  • User manuals for hardware, software, or systems
  • Standard operating procedures (SOPs) and related documentation
  • Prepare MS Word document for printing (as a Word or PDF file)
  • Prepare or edit PowerPoint presentations for effective presentations

Documentation Consulting

Suggest solutions to your current documentation needs

  • Develop global documentation plans for your products
  • Develop translation procedures for product documentation
  • Evaluate effectiveness of current documentation
  • Recommend information dissemination strategies (online vs CD vs print, etc.)
  • Recommend companies that can provide advanced technical communication services if I am unable to fill your needs

Tools Development and Training

Develop Templates to Meet Personal or Corporate Needs

  • MS Word templates (2003 and 2007/2010 basic content)
  • MS PowerPoint templates (2003)

Train you, or your employees, in popular software tools so that they can focus on their work (and not the tools)

  • MS Word
    • Word skills
    • Customizing MS Word to meet your needs
    • Understanding Styles and Templates
    • Desk Top Publishing with MS Word (all versions)
  • MS PowerPoint
    • PowerPoint Skills
    • How to give a more effective presentation (all versions)
    • Customizing PowerPoint to meet your needs (2003; 2007/2010 basic skills)